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The Legendary Campaign is an international grassroots effort to raise awareness about the reality of ritual abuse.

"But is there any hard evidence that these practices are ongoing in modern America?  In spite of the numerous reports of ritual abuse, some authors and journalists have chosen to interpret these allegations as the product of either mass hysteria or the vulnerability of fragile psychiatric patients preyed upon by unethical psychotherapists. Although these hypotheses are worth consideration, too often our experience has been that the media tend to distort and often suppress facts that should be made available to the public."  
Noblitt and Perskins, page XV
"There is a case to answer.  Evidence exists that demands a verdict- much more than can be presented within the pages of a single book. But before a verdict can be passed the climate must exist where witnesses can come forward and present their evidence without fear of intimidation.  Carers must be listened to and not shouted down. Alleged victims must be given the space and the security to speak.  Strident exercises in debunking and discrediting simply will not do."
Andrew Boyd, page 293
"I have no doubt that babies and adults are being ceremonially murdered on Satan's altar.  I do not know how many; but we will not get nearer discovering the truth until society accepts that live sacrifices are being offered to the devil.  The very concept of a horrendous one, which explains why people- to preserve both their sanity and their most cherished beliefs about the civilized nature of our society- deny it."
Dianne Core, page 90
"In spite of the fact that there are- and have been- significant numbers of ritual crimes, He [Randy Cerny] said that over the years some reports of these crimes have been suppressed.  Among reasons for this suppression, he said, have been pressures on law enforcement agencies and the media by community leaders to downplay reports of ritual crime activity.  In some cases, this may have been an attempt to circumvent damaging a town's development projects or tourist trade."
Daniel Ryder, page 200-201
Overwhelmed, but still want to know how you can help?  

Share the memes. Pick an image and share it on social media. Throw in a hashtag or two for good measure.

Learn the basics. Anyone would agree this subject matter isn't for everyone, but knowing the basics helps in edifying others.

Start the conversation. Keeping the secret is what allows this to continue.  

  • For more whistle blowers to find boldness to speak out.
  • For the safety and complete healing of the victims and survivors.
  • For exposure and prosecution of all rapists and murderers involved.
  • That corrupt persons in authority, judges, police, politicians, etc., would be removed and prosecuted.
  • Against all dark powers summoned and sent at the rituals.
  • That the sleeping giant (the body of Christ) would wake up to the reality of ritual abuse.
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