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We know that there is far more to these cases, and others, than the media cared to share with the public.

We also know there are those of you that wish someone would just hear you out without discounting the horrors you lived through.  Because you remember, you've refused to change your story.  We're here, and we haven't forgotten about you.
In 1991, two sisters in Santa Ana, California took their 76 year old mother to court in a civil case.  Superior Court of California, Orange County case #590362 concerning B., et al V Roe, et al lasted for several months in early Spring, and resulted in a finding in favor of the sisters.  While no monetary award was given, they both considered the case a victory.  Also involved in the case, was one of the sister's daughters, a minor at the time, that was also said to have been abused as a part of a network of cults operating in Southern California.

After the case, the sisters were featured on Larry King, where they stood toe to toe with a member of the False Memory System Foundation.
In July of 1994, two teens went missing mere weeks apart.  One was from western Pennsylvania, the other from Eastern Ohio.  Sarah Boehm and Kathryn Menendez were both discovered in a wooded area in Portage County, Ohio merely half a mile apart.  They had both been victims in a ritual, and their murders remain unsolved to this day, though the investigation is ongoing.

Videos and Podcasts on the case: Dec 26, 2017, iHeart Radio, Ohio Mysteries, FBI transcript
The quiet county of Richland, Ohio was shocked when they heard allegations surfacing that involved the abuse of at least eighteen children ranging from 4 to 10 years old.  Then the case took a turn and the victims began telling of dark rituals, of animals killed, and of trips outside the church lead by a group of hooded figures.  

Children and their parents insisted that at least eighteen additional people, adults included, needed to stand trial in this matter.  Two teenagers that were working as "baby sitters" were the only ones ever charged, and both plead guilty.  Officially, the case is closed.
Amid all of the news coming out of Pennsylvania last year concerning abuses within the Catholic church, some may have missed the story about Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, 73, of Boise, Idaho that had retired from serving for more than 20 years at St Mary's Catholic Church.  In a case that police described as disturbing to all that worked on it, and containing a volume of images that had not been previously encountered, they stated that images of Faucher urinating on a cross and book of canon law had also been found.  Additionally, his interests included "satanic interests" as well as the rape and killing of minors. As with so many cases involving the Catholic church, there is no doubt more to this story of the former clergy member that admitted to urinating in communion wine at least once than has been released.

Concerning his sentencing, here and here.
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